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The UKBKC Bull Breed Registration

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The United Kingdom
Bully Kennel Club

At the UK Bully Kennel Club, we are dedicated to fostering responsible dog ownership and breeding practices across the United Kingdom. Our mission is to provide education, facilitate registration, offer comprehensive training, and extend support through various initiatives and engaging events.


Education & Registration

Our commitment lies in transforming dogs into happy, and well-mannered companions. Here on our website, you'll discover invaluable resources covering topics such as living harmoniously with your canine companion, the financial aspects of dog ownership, making informed decisions when acquiring a dog, and understanding the legal obligations that come with it, including microchipping.


Furthermore, the UKBKC maintains a comprehensive registry of Purebred dogs in the United Kingdom. We issue pedigree certificates, and transfer of ownership documentation when necessary, establishing ourselves as the foremost authority on Purebred dogs.


Training and Support

We aim to empower dog owners with the knowledge and tools to nurture content, well trained, and well-behaved pets. We hold The Obedience Certification at all events, ensuring the highest standard of training for responsible dog owners.


Engaging Events

The UKBKC hosts a range of exciting activities and events exclusively for our members, including conformation shows, obedience certifications, handlers accreditations, Ultra Dog Events and other sporting activities. To delve deeper into the array of competitive events organised by the UKBKC each year, simply click here. Join us in celebrating the incredible world of dogs!


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