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United Kingdom Bully Kennel Club

Dogs are our passion, and we know that they are yours too. Our committee has developed this club with the main priority of being able to assist with the wellbeing of the beautiful breeds with which we are involved. Our code of ethics, our passion for the breeds, and our dedication to their welfare means that UKBKC pay particular attention to ethical breeding, and to encouraging the principles of responsible breeding and ownership.


The breeds that we share a passion for, like all dogs, provide a precious and life changing experience for those that are responsible for them. This should be reciprocal – the happiness that we gain from them, is the happiness that we should give back to them by remaining true to them in all activities that we undergo.


Our experience has told us that many of the breeds that we care about so much are often misunderstood and regarded as dangerous by people with less experience that ourselves. Part of our mission is to educate people in the true nature of our breeds, which are among the most loyal, loving and gentle available.

We are excited to share our ethics, and our love of these breeds, to be able to meet with others that share this, and to work together to provide future generations with dogs that will bring loyalty, companionship and pride to thousands.


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