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Grunge Bricks


As the second most popular registered dog in both the UK in 2020, there is no mistaking the huge popularity of this breed. Their demeanour makes them attractive to families with or without children and who also have cats and other pets. They are popular with people in urban areas as they do not require as much exercise as some other breeds, and their friendly, quirky and mischievous nature gives their owners plenty of fun and reward.


10 to 12 years.


Friendly, loyal and inquisitive.


Head and Skull

The dog’s head should appear square shaped and proportionate to the body. The skin on the skull and forehead will be supple enough to show fine wrinkles, especially when the dog is alert. The skull lies almost flat between the ears with a domed forehead. Muzzle has good definition, is broad and deep being well set back and the cheek muscles noticeable well developed. The breed has a clearly defined stop and a deep lower jaw which is a little undershot and upturned. Lips should also be black, completely hiding the dog’s teeth.



Of moderate size, round and ideally dark and perfectly matched. When the dog looks straight ahead there should be no white showing and the eyes should be level with the stop.




Wide at the base and rounded at the apex, carried upright and parallel and set high. There should be a noticeable skull width preventing the ears from being too close together. Ear canal opening should be wide and open, with the skin soft and fine.



The nose should be black and wide with short, open nostrils with a well-defined line between them.



The neck of this breed should be of moderate length, thick and well arched showing great power.



The front legs are short but strong and muscular, being set wide apart.



Hind legs are longer than the forelegs showing moderate angulation. Hocks well let down and legs strong and well-muscled.



The breed has a deep and wide brisket with well sprung ribs. The body is wide, muscular throughout and well rounded. The back is strong and gently roached. Whilst broader at the shoulders, the body will narrow slightly past the ribs giving definition to the strong loin.



Pasterns should be sound, rear feet longer than fore feet, feet are small and placed in continuation of the legs. Well knuckled toes with short thick nails that are preferably black.



Thick at the root, with a quick taper to the tip. Straight, without curling over the back. Undocked, set low, thick at root, tapering quickly towards tip, preferably straight, and long enough to cover anus. Never curling over back nor carried gaily.



Flowing freely and easily, with a sound movement.



All coat types welcome.



All coat colours welcome.


Preferred weight for males is 12.5 kilos, for females 11 kilos. 

Around 12 inches to the shoulder. 

Under 11 inches can be classed as micro.

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