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It is of paramount importance to us that all breeders are conscious of the importance of adhering to the highest standards. As passionate owners and breeders of dogs, we require that all members should endeavour to their greatest ability, to improve and advance the individual breeds with which they are involved. All aspects of the Animal Welfare Act are to be strictly adhered to at all times.

Our code of ethics is the benchmark by which breeders and owners should acknowledge the responsibility they have for the dogs for which they are responsible and any litters they produce.

By agreeing to our code of ethics, you will be helping to ensure that people may continue to enjoy our breeds for many years to come, and to present dogs that you can be rightly proud of.

Breeding and Sales Ethics

Accurate Records

We request that you maintain accurate and precise records in keeping with our registration process. These should include details of:

  • Stud service documents

  • Litters that have been produced

  • Whelp and breeding dates

  • The sale of all dogs


This list is not exhaustive, and should you require further information please contact us. The above details must be made available to UKBKC upon request.


The purpose of all breeding shall be centred upon the improvement of each breed, and you must not engage in a breeding process which may prove detrimental to any particular breed of dog.  In order to achieve this there is of course, an amount of necessary research and due diligence required. The selection of studs and bitches should be consistent with a careful evaluation of their individual merits, temperaments, health and qualities.

The breeder should ensure that dogs and bitches for breeding have the physical and mental maturity required, and this responsibility extends to not knowingly breeding any animals with unsuitable temperaments or defects. You are required to conduct a careful study of the breed standard and the principles of genetics involved. You may be required to evidence this upon request.

We may also request necessary documentation of requisite health testing, or a formal disclosure if said testing was not carried out, and you must be conscious of not continuing to breed from dogs or bitches that despite adherence to the above, are consistently delivering afflicted litters.

Health Standards

The provision of healthy breeding pairs and puppies should be your highest priority. All puppies are to be produced from a diverse gene pool, and constant attention paid to discontinuing breeding whereby inherited issuers are evident. You should be able to document the careful selection of appropriate breeding stock.

You must agree to providing all dogs with a high standard of accommodation, diet and exercise, and commit to arranging any necessary veterinary care if ever required. Evidence of veterinary procedures must be provided upon request.

Sales and Promotion Procedures

Integrity is paramount regarding the sale of dogs. You should approach all sales with a view to maintaining both your own, and UKBKC’s high standards. Please be conscious of the following points and apply strict adherence to them:

  • We require that all necessary documents are supplied to new owners at point of sale, or that they can be witnessed by potential purchasers prior to point of sale. This may include details of specific dietary requirements and any additional guidance the seller feels may assist in the care of the animal.

  • All advertising and marketing of your services must be factual, unambiguous, and not in any way misrepresent the health, temperament or breed of any dog offered for sale.

  • Dogs must not be sold to retail pet dealers, given away as a prize, or supplied to a commercial dog wholesale organisation.

  • If you have any doubts as to the future wellbeing of any animals that may be sold, you should NOT continue with the sale.

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