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Register today as a Competitor in the UKBKC.

The Competitor Club has many features.


Firstly this is the avenue we take to introduce new breeds to the club.

Once we get a certain number of entries of a specific breed we will add that breed to the registry and then look to add breed specific classes at future events.

You may also register into the Competitors Club


If you have a dog without any paperwork from a previous registry

The dog has been castrated

The dog is a mixed breed

We host a conformation type class for the Competitors Club at all events.
You will be judged on ring presence, handling skills, the dogs’ behaviour and movement.

You can also take part in our Weight-Pulling and Obedience competitions.

We will also be adding a number of new sports to the club in the near future.

If you have any questions please email us at:

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