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We request that during any event, you adhere entirely to the following points in order to maintain the respect, integrity and professionalism of the event and its attendees. 


I will not bring a female in heat to an event.


I will not bring a dog with signs or symptoms of any infection illnesses. 

I will demonstrate sportsmanship at all times, both inside and outside of the show ring.


I will be considerate to all other exhibitors and their dogs and to the judges, security, volunteers or anyone else who is attending the show.


I understand that it is my responsibility to have my dog on a lead and under control at all times.


The show venue should always be left in the condition it was found. All dog waste must be picked up from the grounds and owners are to take their dogs to the designated toilet areas.


All dogs should be taken to the toilet before entering the show venue and again before entering the show ring. If a dog has an accident inside the venue or the show ring, it is the sole responsibility of the owner/exhibitor to clean it up.


The judging and decisions made on the day are final and exhibitors must accept this. No abuse to the judges regarding their decisions will be tolerated inside or outside the show ring.


Exhibitors’ dogs should be healthy, clean, well kept and under control at all times.

Exhibitors and visitors will not be abusive physically or verbally to any other exhibitors, visitors, judges, security, volunteers and anyone within the show venue.


We ask that a show lead will be used inside the show ring when showing your dog.


We ask that you dress to impress when showing your dog in the ring. 


Everyone showing their dog must wear their show number and make sure it is visible at all times. 


No dogs are permitted to stand around the show ring as this can affect the dogs that are showing performance. 


All spectators should be respectful and polite to persons who are showing there dogs.

All dogs must be wearing a well fitted collar with a maximum of a two finger gap.

Show or slip leads are not permitted to use while walking around the venue. This is for the dogs welfare.

It is a one dog per person policy while walking around the venue.


*Please note that all aspects of UKBKC code of ethics as exhibited above are to be adhered to at all times and that by registering or showing, you are deemed to have agreed to this.

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