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Originating the USA in the late nineteenth century and with the nickname “The American Gentleman”, this faithful and friendly dog is increasingly popular worldwide. The Boston Terrier wears a tuxedo style coat and has a smart personality to match! The breed is friendly, enthusiastic, and renowned for being a great companion for adults, children, and other pets alike.


Average of 13 to 15 years.


Friendly, easy to train and faithful.

Head and skull

The skull should be square in appearance, flat on top and free from wrinkles. Cheeks flat; brow abrupt and stop well defined. The muzzle of the species will be relatively short, square, wide and deep without a tendency to taper and should remain proportionate to the skull and free from wrinkles; shorter in length than in width and depth, being approximately one-third of the length of the skull; width and depth carried out well to end; muzzle from stop to end of nose on a line parallel to top of the kull. The nose black, wide with well-defined line between nostrils. Jaws broad and square. Flews of good depth, without appearing pendulous, completely covering teeth when mouth closed. The head size should be proportionate to the size of the dog.


These should be wide apart, round and not excessively large, colouration is dark and expression bright, kind and intelligent. The eyes set square in the skull, with the outside corners on a line with the cheeks when observed from the front.


These are carried erect; and are small and thin, situated as near corner of the skull as possible.



Short, regular teeth, an even bite, or sufficiently undershot to square muzzle.



Should be of a fair length, slightly arched, the dog should carry their head gracefully, with it neatly set into the shoulders.



Shoulders sloping, legs set moderately wide apart on line with point of shoulders; straight in bone and well-muscled; pasterns short and strong. The elbows should be straight, not turning either in or out.



Should be deep with appropriate chest width. Back short; ribs deep and well sprung, being well carried back to loins; with loins appearing short and muscular. The rump should curve slightly to set-on of tail; flank very slightly cut up; body should appear short without seeming chunky.



Legs set true, good turn of stifle, hocks well let down; not turning in or out; thighs strong and muscular.



Compact, small round and even with well arched toes.



Set on low with short, fine, tapering, either straight or curled and without fringes or coarse hair and should never carried above horizontal.



The gait of a Boston Terrier should be easy and graceful. sure-footed straight-gaited with the front and hind legs moving straight ahead in perfect rhythm. Each step should exhibit grace and power.



The ideal coat for the Boston Terrier will be short, smooth, lustrous with a fine texture.



Brindle with white markings; brindle can show throughout body distinctly with black with white markings, but brindles with white markings tend to be preferred. The ideal markings are a white muzzle, even white blaze over head, collar, breast, and part or whole of forelegs, and hind legs below hocks.



The weight should not exceed 11.5 kgs  and is usually divided by classes as follows: Lightweight: under 6.8 kgs; Middleweight: 6.8 kgs and under 9.1 kgs; Heavyweight: 9.1 kgs and under 11.4 kgs.


  • Dudley nose.

  • Tail docked.

  • Solid colours with none of the required white markings.

  • Merle colouring. 

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