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Grunge Bricks


Despite standing at only ten to fourteen inches at the shoulder, these small but perfectly formed bull terriers are rising in popularity. There are few other breeds that can match them for their incredible sense of fun and mischief! Distinctive for their diminutive size and egg-shaped head, they cannot be mistaken for any other breed and make fantastic pets for those who have space restrictions.


11 to 14 years.


Lively, loyal and mischievous, full of fun and an excellent companion.


Head and Skull

Head is long and deep to the end of the muzzle. Top of the skull is virtually flat from ear to ear. When viewed from the front, the skull will appear ovoid and completely filled. Strong deep underjaw. Profile will curve downwards gently from the top of the skull to the nose tip.


The eyes are placed obliquely and are relatively narrow and triangular. Colouration is very dark brown to black. The distance from nose tip to eyes is noticeable greater than from eyes to top of the skull.


The breed should be capable of holding the ears stiff and erect when they are pointing directly upwards. The ears should be thin and close together.


The nose which should be black and bent downwards at the tip, with well-developed nostrils.  


The neck should long and arched whilst tapering from the shoulders to head. Neck should also be very well muscled and without loose skin.


The shoulders should be muscular and noticeably strong, the blades flat, wide and close to the chest wall with a very obvious backward slope of the front edge from top to bottom. The elbows should be straight and strong with upright pasterns. Forelegs strong, well-boned and the dog stands solidly with legs parallel. Mature dogs should have the length of the foreleg almost equal to the chest depth.      


Thighs should be strong, well developed and muscular with the stifle joint bent. Hindlegs should be parallel when viewed from rear.


The body should be well rounded and show great depth from withers to brisket. The back is strong and short with the backline behind the withers being level, arching slightly over strongly muscled loins. When viewed from the front, the chest should appear broad.


Feet should be compact, round and with well arched toes.


Whilst thick at the root, the tail should taper to a fine point. The tail should be short, set on low and carried horizontally.


Upon moving, should cover ground with smooth, easy strides. When trotting front and back movement should be parallel, converging towards the centre line only when moving at fast speed. Should exhibit great thrust.


The skin should fit the dog tightly with a short, flat and even coat. During winter they may exhibit a soft undercoat.


With coloured dogs, the colour should form the majority of the colouration and brindle is preferred. Black brindle and fawn, red and tricolour are fine. With white dogs, the coat should be pure white.


No specific weight limit, but the dog should be balanced with the height not exceeding 35.5 centimetres (14 inches).



Any departure from the foregoing points shall be considered a fault, with the seriousness of the fault shall being in exact proportion to its degree.

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