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UK Bully Kennel Club Obedience Competition


As we are a new club, we aim to introduce new activities at each of our events to help promote a healthy and fun relationship between you and your furry companions. 


Launching our Obedience Competition at the June 2022 show. Each entry will have to follow a set of pre released commands. This then gives you the opportunity to teach and work with your dog prior to the competition. 


We will be starting at the introductory level and working upwards in difficulty at each event. 


You will be able to complete two levels at each event for example, Introductory and Pre-beginners at the June event, Beginner and Novice at the following event and so on. 


You will be scored between 1-10 for each command by the judge. Examples listed below. 


Heel (on lead) 1-10 

Heel (off the lead) 1-10

Sit and wait 1-10

Down command for 2 minutes 1-10 

Retrieve 1-10


Total of 50 points available 


You will need to score minimum of 40 points to collect your certificate for that class. 


Once a year we will hold the annual UKBKC obedience championship. You will need to have collected enough points at the shows leading up to qualify into the championship show.



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Heel to Music

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Introductory Obedience Certification 


This is what is expected of your dog to pass the introductory level

  • You will need a pass score of 40/50

  • Once passed you will receive your rosette and certificate in the post. 

  • Small food rewards are allowed in the introductory certification 


1. Interact with the the dog using a silent toy for 15-30 seconds

  • Dog must be happy 

  • Dog must be focused 

  • For each command a minimum of 3 seconds must be held in the optimal positions

  • A 10 meter long line can be used the judge will have one if needed


2. Perform one lap of the ring with the dog in heel either on or off the lead

  • Dog must be focused on the handler

  • Dogs shoulder must be inline with the handlers leg

  • Dog must be engaged with the handler


3. Place the dog in a sit or down command for 1 minute

  • Place the dog in a sit or down

  • After 3 seconds take a step away from the dog

  • Once the judge had notified you 1 minute is over step back next to the dog after 3 second remove the dog out of the command


4. Place the dog in a sit of a down take approximately 10 steps away from the dog (facing or not is fine)

  • Place the dog in a sit or down command  -  Wait for 3 seconds before

  • Take 10 steps away from the dog  -  Wait for 3 second facing the dog

  • Return to the dog

  • Step to the side of the dog  -  Wait for 3 seconds 

  • Release the dog from the command


5. Recall 

  • Place the dog in a sit or a down  -  Wait for 3 seconds

  • Take 10 steps away from the dog (facing or not is fine)

  • Recall the dog to you

Intermediate Obedience Certification

Obedience certificate


You will need a:

  • Lead

  • Long line

  • Retrieve toy


(These can be supplied by the judge if needed.)

  • When you arrive to the obedience ring, the ring staff will take your show number that you have been allocated. You must have paid and collected your obedience stamp from the registration desk before hand.

  • The judge will explain what is expected of you for each command.

  • Only after each command has been completed can you give the dog a food reward.

Heel on a lead

  • Place the dog in a heel command.

  • Wait for the judges command to start.

  • You must complete one full lap of the ring.

Heel free

  • Remove the lead from the dog.

  • Place the dog in a heel command.

  • Wait for the judges command to start.

  • Complete one lap of the ring in the opposite direction of heel on the lead.

Place position for 1 minute

  • Put the dog on the allocated PLACE box using the place command.

  • The dog must stay in this position for 60 seconds.

  • You must make one lap of the ring whilst they stay in the place command.


  • Recall the dog to yourself at the furthest part of the ring.

  • Connect a lead to the dog.

  • Remove the lead from the dog.

Sit position for 1 minute

  • Place the dog in a sit command.

  • The judge will approach.

  • The dog must remain in a sit command for 60 seconds.

  • Take 10 steps away then recall the dog to you.

Down position for 90 seconds

  • Place the dog in a down command.

  • The judge will approach.

  • The dog must remain in a down command for 90 seconds.

  • Release the dog from the command.


  • The judge will approach and pass you your toy to retrieve (if you haven’t brought one the judge will supply.)

  • Put the dog in a sit command.

  • Throw the toy.

  • Send the dog with the retrieve command.

  • The dog must bring the toy back to your feet.

Advanced Obedience Certification

Obedience certificate


You will need:

  • 2 retrieve toys

  • Dog to be placed in a 1 minute any position handler out of sight.

  • Handler to call dog to heel.

  • Dog will be required to walk on a lead heel in a fast and slow pace for 1 lap of the ring.

  • To be left in any position handler take 5 paces then dog to be recalled back to heel.

  • Dog to be put in a down walk to the furthers part of the ring and recalled back to heel.

Controlled greet:

  • Meet the judge and shake hands

  • The dog must be in a controlled manner while you chat to the judge for 30 seconds

  • Handler to approach the judge and take article off the judge.

  • Retrieve an article provide by the judge.

  • Dog must bring article back to handler feet.

  • You can either send the dog away or place in a stay command and move to the other side of the ring.

From there:

  • Distance control, dog to be placed in a sit, down and stand for a total of 15 second per command.


Puppy Obedience Certification

1st exercise

Collar and lead identification

(The law states under the control of dogs order 1992 every dog must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner either inscribed on the collar or a name tag) The judge will check to see if the dog is wearing a name tag.

2nd exercise

Attention to name - puppy must know his/her name. Should show attention when handler says the puppy’s name.

3rd exercise

Play with the puppy

Handler must be able to play with the puppy in a constructive way using the puppy’s favourite toy and keeping the puppy focused.

4rd exercise

Basic positions

Sit, down, stand.

5th exercise

Food throwing -

Handler must show how to reward a puppy by throwing three pieces of food to get puppy happy and confident and enjoying being rewarded for learning.

6th exercise

Grooming -

Handler must show they can groom the puppy without to much struggle.

Puppies should be able to tolerate mild grooming.

7th exercise

Basic positions

Handlers must be able to health check/inspect their puppies.

Puppy should allow ears, eyes, mouth, four paws tail and tummy to be checked over without undue stress or concern.

8th exercise

Meet and Greet -

Puppy must be able to sit quietly by handlers side while a 15 second conversation between the judge and handler takes place.

9th exercise

Recall -

The puppy should come to the handler quickly, confidently and happily so fun recall using food as a reward must be shown.

10th exercise

Walking by the handlers side on a loose lead.

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