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The UK Bully Kennel Club in association with Gator’s Weight Pulling Group

Pulling Procedures
The length the dog has to pull is 16 feet. This will clearly be marked out.
Once the dog is hooked up and released when the Judge says, you are not allowed to touch the dog.
(Competition dogs.)
The dogs lead must be handed too the cart porter. (Unless its a novice dog, you can keep the lead
Only the cart porter is to hook up the dog, unless otherwise advised.
During the pull you are allowed to call/encourage your dog.
When the Judge shouts “Pull” that pull is finished.
For a successful pull, the dog pulled within the allowed time of 60 seconds, also if the dog is still in
motion when the time is up, the pull is still valid. However, if the dog has not moved the cart after 30
seconds, then the dog is finished for the competition, that day. If the dog is struggling to pull the
weight, then the Judge will ask the cart porter too help the dog.

Disqualifications: Two tangles in one pull, a tangle is where the harness is in a dangerous place for
example, around the dog’s legs/neck and can be seen to potentially cause injury.
• The dog touching you during a pull.
• Double handling is not allowed.
• Only the team, Judge and cart porters are allowed within the pulling area.
• You are allowed to put water on the dog’s feet, before/after it pulls
• The handler can bring the dog in whatever weight they want. Weight can only go up, not down.
• You can pass a weight increment as many times as you want.
• You can add if decided with other pullers for that class, what weight increments you would like to
• Sling shot starts are not allowed.
• The pull starts / stops when the Judge says.
• You are allowed 6 minutes break between each weight increment.
• The winner for each class is the Most weight pulled.
• Whilst pulling, you can only be beside or in front of your dog.
• Test pulling of the cart is not allowed.
• Resetting of the Wheels cart can only be done from the end of the track.

• If there are dogs finishing with the same weight, then the quickest dog is the winner.
• Spectators are allowed to cheer on the team.

To ensure that the competition runs smoothy and on time, the dogs will be called as follows:
Dog A on Track Dog B on Deck.
On Track means the dog pulling at the time.
On Deck is the next dog who will be ready to pull.
There will be a board up with the running order of dogs/classes.
Happy Pulling!

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