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UKCKC - 1st Edition - Judges Words

The 1st edition was a massive success and we would like to thank our 2 judges for their hard work on the day.

Also a huge thank you to our weight pulling judge Guclan Dal aka Gucci and Jay Creen who judged the obedience certification. Thank you to everyone that helps make these shows a success and lastly a HUGE thank you to all of you for your continued support!

Vincent White and Phil Marsden (who stood in for Wayne Milnes, who had to pull out due to covid) were fantastic on the day. As we know the judges are here to guide and educate our members and attendees as well as selecting the most worthy winners on the day. Both judges told us their thoughts on the event.

Huge thank you for my invitation to judge the first edition UKBKC in Manchester Bowlers Arena. A substantial venue that blew me out of the water with rings that let me evaluate more so the larger breeds especially the xl classes which numerically impressed but also in quality. I’d like to mention the atmosphere as I was made feel very welcome and constructive criticism was taken with such positivity so I hope I have helped evolve such a magnificent breed.

Many thanks to the show organiser Mikki Wills for making the experience so enjoyable, as was daunting at first with no expectations , but I enjoyed it more as the day went on, where I can’t help but mention the ‘endearing’ abuse myself and Ivan suffered under the hilarious Alan Keegan ‘the voice of old Trafford’ who certainly made the show entertaining to say the least. Also thank you to Ivan McLean. As a founder of IBKC Ireland I can see UKBKC making moves that can only be admired and I wish the team all the best in future.

Many thanks to all the exhibits on the day and I hope to see you all in future, keep doing what you are doing , I’m glad to see the breed in good hands.

Phil Marsden UKBKC Show 1st Edition Firstly and always thankyou and upmost respect to all those who train, condition, travel and enter their dogs into shows. You really are all winners thankyou again.

The classes for the Boerboel, Presa Canario, English Bull Terrier,and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, are in the most part recent additions, given that the quality of the entries was high and dogs placed within their given standard.

English Bulldogs To the owners of the Two males that slugged it out for a win, really well done. A joy once again to judge.

French Bulldog - Nice turn out The standard in the ring is improving with handler confidence a lot better than before. Well done to everybody in there.

American Bulldog Nice to see a class starting to build at shows again and about time Really super overall standard in this class, despite a few early nerves.

Cane Corso Always a plesure to watch these large dogs, pace and stack and to go hands on, they didn’t disappoint.

Olde English A well turned class as always. The real comradeship in this class shows time and time again always ready to congratulate each other, a worthy winner.

Alapaha Not a ring to miss, this class is full of high class dogs. Shown to a high level, this is where many of the professional handlers, present their own productions and standards are high, always worth a watch.

Thank you. Lastly thank you to all show staff that make these shows happen and last and not least thank you Mikki Wills.

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