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The New Years Revolution. Show 2 - Davey Pestman

First of all I would like to thank the UKBKC and especially Mikki for inviting me to this great event. This event was next level, it definitely would not have been an easy set up and it was definitely not a bloody boring show.

In recent years, as judges, we have seen a big difference in the quality of the varieties. Not only was the show a great event, it was also a show with great participants, sweet dogs and trained handlers that made a big difference from a few years ago.

For those who don’t know me very well. My name is Davey from Buddha’s Choice. I come from the Netherlands and we mainly breed American Bullys. In recent years we now have built 7 generations of home-bred animals, including several champions and dual champions at different organisations. We also have a cane corso and a number of sphynx.

I enjoy competing at shows under different organisations, traveling from Russia to Spain and from Italy to Sweden.

With this we have built up a large bully family in Europe and beyond.

After this great weekend all I can say is ‘I hope to come back in the future.’ The UKBKC is more than an organisation, it is a company that will make the breed our beloved breed and respectfully show it to the world.

At the show it has been proved to me that the UK is well on its way to quality instead of quantity. Also I would like to thank my old new friend for life Mr. Ron Ramos for the nice conversations and the hilarious stories of the past.

The Best of Show was a tough decision for me between the pocket bitch Imperium bully’s Diamond Cutz’’Zara’’ and an Xl Male Top Dog Bullies Brave. My thing always remains a dog must be able to walk, so the final deciding factor in the decision was the gait. Zara walks beautifully but perhaps had a little more trouble than the large XL Brave due to her height and the undergrowth, so this time it was Brave who got the title of Best in Show for me and Zara reserve.

See you soon inside or outside the ring. Dave Pestman

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