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Senior Staffy Club

Here at the UKBKC we recognise the crisis the UK is in, with all the unwanted and abandoned dogs in shelters across the country at an alarming high number.

It is saddening to think that so many dogs are in shelters. Our beloved bull breeds who statistically remain in shelters the longest and some unfortunately will never leave and may be put to sleep due to simply lack of space.

We as a community need to take decisive action and responsibility for the dogs that we breed and help to minimise the problem.

One charity we would like to mention in this show guide is Senior Staffy Club a charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming Staffordshire Bull Terriers and mixed Staffy’s . Senior Staffy Club are a charity that would never put a healthy dog down. They keep each dog safe in their care and support them for as long as is needed to find them their forever home.

The charity was established in 2012 by Kate Lee and they do incredible work on a daily basis. Their main focus is Staffy’s 7 years and above, who have found their way into shelters for many reasons through no fault of their own.

Rehoming an older dog can be so rewarding and they make it their purpose to find each dog their new loving forever home.

We take our hats off to the Se Staffy Club and would like to how grateful we are to them for all the amazing work they do and the difference they make to so many dogs lives.

For anyone wanting to make a donation or who may be able to offer a loving home to Staffordshire Bull Terrier please contact the charity.

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