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Rocky’s Army

Part of the UKBKC’s mission is to educate our members and attendees on all things dog related and highlight important causes close to all our hearts.

We have teamed up with Rocky’s Army for a few reasons, firstly we want to thank Rocky’s Army for their continued hard work in raising funds for people in need who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of their dogs being seized by the authorities.

Rockys army was set up after Rocky was seized as a suspected pitbull in 2017. A small group of friends got together to help raise the money needed to cover his solicitors costs. When his case went to court in Feb 2018 he was granted exemption. Since then they have continued to help others in the same position to help get their dogs home where they belong.

People can help with financial donations which can be paid to their bank or via PayPal. They also accept gifts that they can use as raffle prizes, which is a fun way that people have a chance to win something whilst donating.

Things you need to know about the law surrounding the Breed specific legislation BSL & Dangerous Dogs act DD

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 has four sections in which an owner can be charged. You may be charged on a civil or criminal application. For some people they can claim Legal Aid but not everyone is that fortunate so Rocky’s Army are there for those who cannot financially afford the costs to help them raise money on a means tested basis.

Despite there are four banned breeds in the UK under the dangerous dogs act known as Breed Specific Legislation as these four breeds were initially bred as Fighting dogs and deemed a risk to the public. There is very rarely an attack on any human by any of these breeds. 

They are mostly seized on looks alone and although banned they do get to live by being registered and placed on the index of exempted dogs register. Where they have to abide by conditions imposed upon them. 

The 4 breeds are

Pitbull terrier

Dogo Argentino

Fila Braziliero

Japanese Tosa

Sadly the list also extends to what is called TYPE. This means many cross breeds of bull breeds may fall foul to the characteristics of one of the banned breeds. To give an example of how crazy that is you can have two different non banned breed dogs produce a litter of seven pups of those one may end up meeting the criteria of a TYPE whilst it’s siblings do not. 

We at the UKBKC want to say thank you to Rocky’s Army for all their continued hard work and all the dogs saved by them that get to return home to their families.

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