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Merle Mania - A Christmas show. By Phil Marsden

Merle Mania Christmas show. Where to begin....

First of all thank you to all who have the bravery to put their dogs up for inspection and competition, win or not these days are not possible without You.

The junior handlers really was encouraging so many wanting and willing to try their best. Maybe time to implement a more advanced class as well just a thought.

Well done to all that took part.


Not the largest class of the day, but the quality was so evidently on display the handlers Makeing the best of the ring and their charges some tough choices there. The much required relationship between dog and handler on display.

Olde English Bulldogge

Really nice selection of entries here all dogs were nicely turned out and handled well with many first time to the ring. Movement can so often be important hear.

Well done to the winner the dog stacked and moved with a natural ring craft.

French Bulldogs

Well who doesn't love a Frenchie.. Lol.

Largest class for me on the day. Overall a really nice turn out of quality on the day, keep attending you guys the maturing competition that could happen in that ring in the future could be very interesting, just keep up the practise. The winner over all was a lovely male turned out and handled beautifully, well done.

Just one thought nares or nostrils if you like.

Can breeders please pay attention to have them open if possible.

English Bulldog

Last but far from least.

They waited the longest and I'm so glad they did.

The class was mostly made up of fist time entrants and I have to say every single dog was turned out to max. The complements I handed out were very much meant. Congratulations to you all. The winner for me ticked all the boxes well done.

If your ever short of a Judge for that ring, shout me.

Really well done to all.

All I can say as a judge is I came not knowing what to expect and left impressed with the quality of entrants and an effective front of house and backroom team.

Thank you again.


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