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All about the Obedience

Our very first ‘obedience certification’ was launched at The UKBKC’s 1st edition 19th June 2022.

The whole process of this is to help and promote responsible ownership of our beloved bull breeds.

We want to push and bring the standard to competition level where owners and their dogs can compete to become Obedience Champions!

We believe that the small steps you must take to gain each certification at our events will help you to gain a greater understanding as a dog owner. Whilst teaching manners and obedience for your dog, which will inevitably give you and your dog a much better quality of life and a much deeper bond.

We are super proud of all our members that have taken part in Obedience classes thus far. We hope to get all dogs that are registered into the club, a basic understanding of obedience. It is so important for responsible dog ownership.

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