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Grunge Bricks

Judge Matteo Zuliani



Breeds Involved With:


The Bully Colosseum 2023 Holland Edition

About Me:

Good Morning to everybody, my name is Matteo and I’m 28 years old. My passion for dogs started when I was a child by having always a dog around our family. When I started to grow up I had my first job and seven years ago just for having fun, my cousin purpose me to buy and American Bully, because one of his friend had them. When I searched on internet what was a bully, I immediately felt in love with that breed, a dog full of muscles but at the same time sweet like a candy, that perfectly represented me at that time. With my first salary I bought my first bully that is still alive; the breeder where I bought one day said me to go a show here in Italy, in Mantova, organized by Bostan Dan. That show for me changed my life, I did not win everything but the problem was that the judge said me that my dog had potential to become a great example for the breed; with that statement my mind went crazy and I started to travel all around Europe from France to Poland , and some other countries, training the dog every day, studying the breed, spending all my money on the shows to achieve my goal, become an ABKC Champion, and I did it, my first bully my first Champion: ABKC Ch. Dominic. After some years I started to collaborate with one of the most important kennel around the world, Simona’s Bully that all of you know. Guido and Simona transimetted me the discipline, the passion for the breed, being like a father and a mother, two great examples of persons. Thanks to them, introducing me with another of one of the most famous breeder in the world BullyParadise, since the first time with Simone we understood each other, I trained two dogs for him, that lives now in Philippines, after that he told me that he had a big project in his mind that he wants to share with me and I accepted the purpose to be his partner. In two years of collaboration we brought at home the titles of GrCh with RIP BigAron and another GrCh with BPK’s Bad. We have now a lot of things to do and more that will come soon.
To all of you I can only say: Follow your dream, and work hard to get what you want. Great results comes from great sacrifices.

Shows Involved With:

The Bully Colosseum 2023 Holland Edition

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