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Grunge Bricks

Judge - Joan Valles Albiñana


Valencia (Spain)

Breeds Involved With:


I judge Ebr, Abw, Ibkc and ring rep in abkc.

About Me:

I started with amstaff about 18 years ago and as a professional hadler about 12 years ago

I started in the world of entertainment 18 years ago, accompanied by an amstaff, who became a great life companion.
First I went to exhibitions as an individual and a few years later, I started as a professional handler, after training in different aspects of the dog world.
During these years, I have traveled to different countries and exhibited a wide variety of breeds, for breeders and individuals.
About 12 years ago, I started in the world of bullys, attending different shows and presenting dogs of all categories, doing few dogs Champion and winning some Best in Show

Shows Involved With:

Ebr, Abw, Abkc, Ibkc, Fci

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