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Grunge Bricks

Judge - Ruben Silva



Breeds Involved With:

Ruben Silva is a specialist in American Bully dogs, with experience working with French Bulldogs and some experience with American Staffordshire Terriers (Am Staffs). However, his primary focus is on American Bullies.


He has been involved in breeding for six years and has participated in a few ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) championships. Ruben has also been judging dog shows for three years across Europe.

About Rub:

As a judge, Ruben strives to be knowledgeable and fair to everyone, although he recognizes that it is impossible to please everyone since there can only be one winner. Nonetheless, he aims to support and encourage all participants because registries require the participation of people. Ruben believes he is a competent judge due to his confidence, knowledge, dedication to continuous learning, and the positive feedback he receives from countries and organizations he has judged. In personal interactions, Ruben considers himself easy to work with, preferring to avoid problems and conflicts.

Shows Involved With:

Ruben has been primarily involved as the first judge in major dog shows across Europe, particularly in Spain, where prominent registries, apart from ABKC, invite him annually, sometimes twice a year, to judge their events.

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