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Grunge Bricks

Senior Judge - Philip Marsden


Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Breeds involved with:

The list of breeds I've owned or have direct judging experience of;

  • Chihuahua 

  • Labradors

  • Collies 

  • Neapoitan Mastiff

  • APBT.

  • American Bulldogs  ( old Southern whites) Alapaha 

  • English Bull terrier 

  • English Bulldog

  • French Bulldog 

  • Olde English

  • Old tyme

  • Victorian

  • Bantam

  • Staffordshire

  • Greyhound

  • Lurcher

  • Long dogs

  • Springer

  • Toypoodle 

  • Various terriers


Having shown and bred dogs over a number of years for myself and helping others, I graduated to judging at a couple of fun dog shows.

This in turn led to me being engaged to judge for the NEBBR in 2015 and becoming their circuit judge from then to present usually covering 4 shows a year. 

I have also judged for the IABBR on 2 occasions.  UK oeb club on one occasion as well. 

I also am a member of a number of groups involved in the development of breeds, standards   and the development of apprentices and judging eticate. 

About Philip:

I have a life long interest in dogs both show and working dogs.

At 7 years old I started with fun shows, being thrust into line ups with the family Chihuahuas. My Aunt had and bred labradors for working. Through my teens I started to work spaniels and was drawn into field sports Terriers, lurcher and long dogs. 

At 19 I bought my first APBT

Which led to a return to showing on a more regular basis and an ongoing interest in Bull Breeds. 

Having had a long Agricultural career as a stockman, I also owned and worked border collies. As well as a show career in cattle.

On leaving Agriculture I trained Greyhounds for a few years with some success. 

As a Judge I feel communication and general feed back at ring side is important. 

For the general good of the show and overall encouragement of all concerned.


Shows involved with:



  • UK oeb club

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