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General Rules /Regulations/Eligibility

1) All dogs must be healthy. Do not bring dogs that are ill. The Senior/Junior Judge can make the
decision on this.

2) Females in season/pregnant or lactating are not permitted at the event grounds.

3) All dogs must be crated when not in the holding /track area.

4) Only competition dogs are allowed in the event arena.

5) All dogs must be up to date with their vaccines.

6) To collect points, your dog must be over 9 months of age.

7) Novice/ Competition dogs must be over 9 months old.

8) Novice dogs can only gain 5 points per Competition pull however the successful pull will go
towards your 4 pulls needed to qualify for the Championship Competition.

9) Novice dogs can be kept on a lead however you can only gain 1 of the 5 points available.

10) All entry forms/entry fees must be completed one hour before your class pull starts.

11) Dogs must be kept under control at all times.
*Any form of Unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated.

12) Weigh ins are only valid for 24hours.

13) All weigh ins are done on the day by an UKBKC Weight-Pulling Judge on the same scales.

14) Baiting is strictly forbidden in training and Competitions. Treat rewards in training is allowed.

15) Equipment:
• Leads: of regular size.
• Harness: approved UKBKC WP freight harness.
• Collars: Flat collar ONLY
• A place too keep your dog (crate)

16) Please keep the venue free from dog waste and rubbish. Bins are provided for this.

17) Use of any type of performance drugs is forbidden.

18) Handlers of the dogs must be able to control the dog.
There are not any age restrictions.

19) Any person whether they be a competitor or a spectator must comply with the site rules at all

20) Only Full breeze blocks are to be used. A total of 10 blocks will be weighted to get an average
weight for the blocks used on that day.

Thank you!

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