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The UKBKC's Statement to the Bully Community Regarding the Possible Ban


To the Bully Community,


The UKBKC is here to fight for our beloved breed, unfortunately we do believe the ban will come into place by the end of the year and we advise all owners to prepare.


Firstly we recommend to acquire 3rd party liability insurance, and secondly muzzle train your dog.


In these uncertain times, as we wait for the government to type the breed we have no knowledge if this ban will affect all varieties of the breed or just the XL type.


Be assured we are working strategically to get the best possible outcome for all dogs and owners.


We would also recommend reaching out to your local MP, we have attached a template with an additional attachment so you can add a photo of your beautiful Bully.


We also recommend if you can reach out to your local shelter and ask for their support against the ban and if possible make a donation as they are already over stretched and will be inundated with American Bullies.


The UKBKC is also reaching out and working with larger organisations and charities who are against the ban.


The UKBKC would like to address the community in regards to media presence, we have tried to be strategic on which media outlets we have worked with, as most of you will have seen statements and interviews have easily been twisted and sabotaged by the journalists/presenters.


We feel the Bully community needs to stay united throughout these difficult times.


If anyone is having a difficult time with the whole process please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email Template - Please copy and paste

Dear (add name of MP),


I am reaching out today in regards to the latest news of the Prime Minister announcing a ban on the American XL Bully.


I strongly oppose the announcement for the following reasons.


Firstly it is abundantly clear that the breed specific legislation does not work.


Thousands of innocent dogs will die purely on the way they look and not how they act.


Responsible owners are being penalised for the action of a small minority of irresponsible owners.


These animals are pets and it will cause untold emotional distress to the families that keep these dogs as beloved pets.


We feel there must be a better solution.


Please take note of the petition which has reached over 400,000 signatures in just over 24 hours and is steadily increasing.


I plea with you not to penalise innocent dogs and innocent families.

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