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Petra Rombouts van der Ven.jpg

Judge - Petra Rombouts van der Ven



Breeds Involved With:

American Bulldog,  American Bully, patterdale terrier, Chongqin dog.

Judge Old english etc, Pitbull, English Bulldog, French Bulldog, American Bully, American Bulldog etc.


I have been a judge since 2006, initially starting with ABNA (American Bulldog National Alliance) and ABRA (American Bulldog Registry and Archives). Over time, I was asked to judge for other clubs as well, such as NKC (National Kennel Club), ACCP (American Canine Club of the Netherlands), EBKC (European Bully Kennel Club), IBKC (International Bully Kennel Club), OBKC (Original Bully Kennel Club), ABI (American Bully International), ICBR (International Canine Breeders Registry), and many more.

About Petra:

My name is Petra Rombouts van der Ven, and I live in the Netherlands with my husband, three children, and my dogs. I purchased my first American Bulldog in 2000 and began participating in dog shows, achieving championships with various bulldogs, both females and males. We also engage in activities like Weightpull with our dogs. In 2006, I started my journey as a judge, expanding my involvement to different breeds and gaining experience in judging and showing dogs. I am currently the owner of a Chongqing dog and participate in FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) shows. I proudly championed her as a junior champion when she was just 13 months old. I have a deep love for dogs and appreciate the diversity of breeds.

Shows Involved With:

Throughout my judging career, I have had the opportunity to officiate shows in Denmark, England, and the Netherlands.

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