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Grunge Bricks

Judge - Mikel Katuin



Breeds Involved With:

American Bulldogs 
Old english Bulldogs 
American Bullies
Das hounds 
Welsh Corgie Cardigan and Pembroke 
East European Sheperd


I have had the privilege of judging several shows in different cities around the world. These include St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil, Cape Town in South Africa, Milan in Italy, Madrid, Alicante, and Barcelona in Spain, Paris in France, Dublin in Ireland, Birmingham and various other cities in the United Kingdom. I have also judged extensively in Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.


In the United States, I had the opportunity to judge in Hawaii. Additionally, I achieved the PH1 title with my own dog, earning 143 points in the process. As a breeder, I am proud to have produced over 60 European Champions in both American Bulldogs and Old English Bulldogs. I am also recognized as the creator of the Old English Bulldog. Throughout my breeding journey, I have worked with a wide range of colors in Old English Bulldogs and some other bull breeds.

About Mikel:

I am 50 years old and have had a lifelong passion for animals and plants. I have created my own dog breed and bloodline called Bullforce, which combines the Old English Bulldog and American Bulldog.


Over the years, I have bred 11 generations of dogs within my own bloodline. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience in dog breeding and shows with others. My expertise extends to genetics, structure, conformation, and diseases related to dogs. Additionally, I am well-versed in the politics surrounding dog breeding, as there is an increasing focus on regulations that may lead to breed restrictions or bans. It is important for us to make informed decisions to prevent such outcomes.


I am always seeking opportunities for improvement and welcome constructive criticism. Since the early days of the American Bully movement, I have closely followed its development. I have even had the chance to converse with the founders and maintain working relationships with some of them. In my quest for the perfect dog, I travel extensively around the world, exploring different breeds and observing their qualities.

Shows Involved With:

I am an experienced senior judge affiliated with the EKC (European Kennel Club) and IBKC (International Bully Kennel Club). Over the past 20 years, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous organisations within the dog show community. Some of these organisations have since disbanded, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of the dog show world.

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