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 American Staffordshire bull terrier_edited.jpg


The American Staffordshire terrier is a medium-large dog with a very muscular build and square shaped head. Renowned for their courage and power, the American Staffordshire also has a reputation for exhibiting an affectionate and loyal disposition and in contrast to their tough appearance, this is a gentle dog breed.


12 to 16 years.



Friendly, Loyal, Tenacious, Devoted, Attentive, Courageous.


Head and Skull

The head is of medium length, deep with a broad skull and clearly pronounced cheek muscles. A noticeably distinct stop with high set ears.


The eyes of this breed will be set low down in the skull and set far apart. Dark and round, without pink eyelids.



The muzzle is of medium length and is rounded on the upper side, falling away quite abruptly below the eyes. The jaws will be well defined with the underjaw showing strength and a powerful bite. The lips should not be loose, being close and even.



Medium length with a slight arch and heavy set. The neck will taper from shoulders to rear of the skull. The skin should not be loose.



The shoulders should be strong and muscular with blades wide and sloping. Forelegs should be straight, and large boned with pasterns upright.



Noticeably muscular and let down at the hocks, without turning in or out.



The ribs should be well-sprung, close together and deep in the rear. Chest will be broad and deep.



Moderately sized, well arched and compact.



The tail is quite short comparative to the breed’s size. Low set, tapers to a fine point without curling or being held over the back.



Gait must be springy but without roll or pace.



The coat will be short, close, stiff to the touch, and glossy.



Any colour solid, parti or patched is fine.



Both weight and height to be proportionate to each other. The male approximately 46 centimetres to 48 centimetres (18 to 19 inches) at the shoulder. Female 43 to 46 centimetres (17 to 18 inches).


  • Males are required to have two normal testicles  that are fully descended into the scrotum

  • Showing signs of aggression towards humans

  • Failing to stand for examination

  • Extreme shyness 

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