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Ambassador - Kim Gallagher

Ambassador For:

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog





I have been within the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog for 3 years. Within that short time of owning my boy we have covered 85 charity dog shows raising the profile of this rare breed and raising money for good causes. We have attended every ABKC UK show alongside the IABBR & NEBBR. I personally handler & show dogs, we are 3 points away from becoming champion, we have achieved so much in such little time. I sponsor trophies within the ABKC for the Alapahas. My dedication to this breed is second to none. We have completed and achieved a high level of obedience training BIDGT level 2, NASDU Level 2. Lucca was the first Alapaha to pass the Breed, Stability & Temperament test at only 14 months old within our registrar. We attend working dog trials & we are the first Alapaha to achieve ZWP1 & ZWP2 within our breed in the world.

I am a strong advocate for the breed regarding public profile, working profile and health testing. After 2 years of campaigning to raise awareness regarding a threatening disease to the Alapaha (Ehlers- syndrome Danlos) I have recently been informed our registrar has now made it mandatory to test all breeding stock before breeding.

About Kim:

I have 40 years of experience with dogs in one way or another, as a young girl I undertook dog walking from the age of 10 years old after school and weekends. My passion grew stronger over the years, and owning several large breed dogs. I am a private dog trainer offering all breeds the following; obedience coaching, behaviour modification, puppy training & 1:1 tailored programmes.

Breeds Involved With:

I own & breed Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs


What Shows:

ABKC, IABBR, NEBBR, Charity dog shows, working trials.

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