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Grunge Bricks

Ambassador - Stuart Parker

Ambassador For:

XL Bully


Essex, South East England



Over 10 years owning/working and breeding bull breeds such as Staffordshire bull terrier and apbt. More recently and currently I am 2 years plus in to my new relationship with XL Bullies and own 3. 

About Stuart:

Being such a huge advocate for the xl bully and everything they stand for and have to offer, I work daily to spread the word on just how incredible they are via my platform on social media.

I regularly host live podcasts where I invite established breeders and kennels to join in a wide array of subjects and discussions in order to try raise awareness and share knowledge to better the breed.

@bare knuckle bullies bkb

Breeds Involved With:

Bull breeds such as Staffordshire Bull Terrier and apbt.


What Shows:

Merle Mania 2021 was my first bully show but in no way my last. The future is looking very bright within the UK bully scene and I have plans to be attending and playing a role in many more shows to come.

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