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UKBKC - The 1st Edition - Best in Show

The very first UK Bully Kennel Club event was held at bowlers Exhibition centre Manchester and what a day it was!

It truly was a day to remember. With some exceptional specimens on the day there could only be one winner!

Our Best in Show winner was Arlo of Kingpin pockets UK.

This beautiful Merle pocket bully stole the show fully intact, ears and this really does show the future of the breed within the UK.

Thoughts on winning the show? We are still completely overwhelmed with what Arlo achieved on the day, competing against some of the best dogs in the country, we are incredibly proud. Hes a special boy, we knew that from day 1, and since his first show at 3-6 months he has shown his love for the show ring, which shone through on the day to bring home the gold trophy, and to become the very first UKBKC best in show winner! A moment in history! We believe that Arlo is the full package, the judge commended him on his impeccable movement, we are all about well rounded fit and functional dogs and are proud to represent that with Arlo, too much focus is based on just a dog that can stack for a photo, the UKBKC gives the opportunity to show the full picture. We couldnt have achieved what we have done without our handler Becky Lowthian (Destined k9 training) who has been with us from the start of Arlo’s journey and we are forever grateful, even sacrificing handling her own dog in the best in show ring to take the win with Arlo!

How have things been after winning? We see Arlo has been a busy boy? Arlo has been super busy with breedings across the whole of the UK since the show. The support we have received has been incredible, it has launched Arlo into the spotlight that he deserves. He is show quality in a merle suit, everyone is after a mini Arlo, and this is only the beginning of his journey!

Plans for the future? Our aim now is to get Arlo champed out, we will be attending Champs Camp and our aim will be to get that junior champion title!

Here is Vincent White, the judge on the days critique Best in show winner , the very stunning Arlo, a young male certainly before his potential prime stole the show for me from the second he stepped into the ring. A Merle ‘natural’ pocket pushing the top of the size standard but well within the standard from head to toe. Strong masculine features with a head exuding type and profile. Pronounced cheek bones , tight clean eyes and expression, beautiful angulation in shoulders and correct length of forearm. A little long in loin but fundamentally added to that fluent range of motion. Beautiful bend of stifle and dense muscle mass suited to adolescent age with much more to come with maturity id imagine. Great to see the natural ears set correctly high on skull with perfect carriage which is a rarity these days sadly. What a beautiful dog to promote the breed with type and temperament to match. I look forward to seeing this dog compete in future so well done to all involved.

Kind regard,

Vincent White

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