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Judge Joyce Coumans



Breeds Involved With:


Showing and Breeding American Bullies
Obedience trainer
Professional handler

About Me:

My name is Joyce Coumans and I've started my kennel Mosea Bully Kennel in 2016 with our first American Bully (XL) Dual Champion Jax. Jax was the first XL Tri ABKC Champion in Europe, trained and showed by me. From that moment on we (bred and) champed out multiple (dual) champions within our kennel. Bull breeds always have been and will be my passion, starting off at a young age with a Staffy/Sharpei mix who I trained with on a high level, switching over to French Bulldogs and eventually after a few years of looking for the right dog and a lot of research getting our first American Bully.

Our focus within our breeding program is to produce complete, clean, functional and most of all healthy American Bullies. As many will know, I am a big supporter of testing breeding stock, we try to test as much as possible and can proudly say we have some of the most tested dogs out there. We breed to get better dogs with every generation and focus on show type American Bullies (preferably the XL variety). I'm obedience training with dogs since the age of 14 and been also teaching others as a trainer at a dog school. Besides that I'm also showing and campagning dogs for other breeders and bully owners at multiple registries, with the goal of getting them their well deserved titles. I've won multiple BIS, BOB, Champion classes and many other prices during my carreer and am always willing to learn and grow to achieve bigger goals.

If someone, especially people who ask me to show their dogs, comes to my for my opinion on their dog, then they get my unvarnished and honest opinion, in the hope that they can do something with this, grow and achieve their goals. I am straightforward, but you immediately know what to expect from me when you ask my opinion.

I feel honored that I was ask to judge for the UKBKC and am now able to apply my knowledge to judge fairly and honestly according to the breed standard.

Shows Involved With:

Travelling all over Europe to compete

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