Grunge Bricks

Judge - Ivan McClean Vinastino



Breeds Involved With:

Breeds initiating my show Career have evolved from Bullmastiffs, Italian Mastino, Rottweilers and most prolifically in my show career Black Russian Terriers. 

My current show team consist of Pocket Bullies, French Bulldogs  and American Staffordshire Terriers


I am an FCI affiliated judge and a Bull Breed specialist,  making this my third specialty show. 

My accreditation’s consist of owning and breeding 7 international multi champions within three breeds over 17 years. I’m currently qualified to judge 36 breeds at European level. Show kennel affix is Vinastino Ireland.

About Ivan:

I started my early career as a journalist which subsequently led to coverage of various articles in dog world from both local show events to WDS (world dog show). Inevitably I took an avid interest in many breeds as a genuine dog lover , but fundamentally the powerful working and muscular dog breed evoked emotion via such wonderful physical attributes with characters to match!! Consequently, this led to my interest in working breeds where I started my show career 20 years ago.   My hobbies outside the canine world revolve around combative sports where i still coach boxing at amateur level locally. 

Shows Involved With:

Prior to Merle Mania , I have been employed as an all breed Best In Show judge at two of Ireland’s largest BullBreed events, so I am looking forward to seeing what the UK enthusiasts have to offer after a post pandemic restrictive period, so I’m sure the exhibitors are as enthusiastic as myself to get back into the thick of it and make this the biggest Merle Mania to date!!


Remember to enjoy your day each and everyone of you regardless of results as at the end of the day ‘we all take the best dogs home’.