Hi guys,


We are so excited to announce we are back with a tremendous line up for the bull breed community.


Sunday 19th June will be our first show for the UK Bully Kennel Club. The UKBKC's 1st Edition will be at our regular venue Bowlers Exhibition Centre.


We will be showcasing 17 beautiful breeds in total.


In ring one the Exotic Bully, Micro Bully, Pocket Bully, Standard Bully, Classic Bully, Athletic Bully and XL Bully.


In ring two the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Olde English Bulldog, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, American Bulldog, Cane Corso, Presa Canario, South African Boerboel, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Bull Terrier.


We will be running age classes from 3-6 months all the way up to 3+ years for all breeds. We have also added the 9-18 month class. Within this class if you obtain two best in sex (best male or best female) when your dog is aged between 9-18 months (in two separate shows) you will be crowned a Junior Champion.


Pre-registration is very much recommended to make sure our show can run smoothly and as to schedule as possible, so please, please try your best to do this.


You will need to have a show lead to enter the ring for this and all future events so please get in touch if you need to purchase one and we can advise you where is best.


Also your show number must be visible upon entering the ring and at all times whilst you are in the ring.


We are keen to promote a “dress to impress” dress code for all handlers entering the show ring. We would much appreciate your support with this.


We have made the decision that no dogs will be allowed around the show ring at the event so you will need to make arrangements to house your dog(s) if you intend to watch the show and you have brought a dog. This is for health and safety reasons, which will allow people to enter and leave the ring with ease and will also stop any distraction for the dogs that are competing in their class.


We offer stall spaces where you can place crates to house your dogs. You are more than welcome to purchase with friends to split the cost of the stall. (Maximum of 4XL crates per stall.)


It is also a nice relaxing space for your dog and yourself as show days can be quite long.


Our junior handlers class will kick start the day followed by our new 'Any Variety Class.' This class is open to all breeds of all ages, with rosettes for 1st-5th place.


You will find the registration form for this on the Competitors Club form.


Also starting the day in ring 1 is the 'Competitors Club class' for all dogs registered within our Competitors Club.

Do not forget this is the also the launch of our Weight-pulling Championship. It is time to see what your dog is truly capable of.


Along side that, we will be hosting the UKBKC's Introductory Obedience Certification judged by Total dog training Jay Creen.


We do not allow training leads or show leads to be used whilst walking around the venue. We need a tightly fitted collar and lead set, this is for the health and safety of the dogs. This will be checked upon arrival at the door before entering.

We are striving to bring you the very best in canine competition and we are super excited to see you all at the UK Bully Kennel Club’s first event!